ForBio solution can be applied by hand-held power-spray, back pack sprayer, fogging machine, misting, dipping and washing, and is ideal for regular disinfecting of all environments, surfaces and equipment:

Stables • Barns • Kennels • Veterinary premises • Operating theatres • Clinics • Hospitals • Poultry housing • Horse boxes • Trailers • Feeding and drinking equipment • Drinking lines • Water tanks • Tack • Rugs • Blankets • Boots and shoes • Clothing


Dissolve 1 x 6g tablet per 3 litres of water.

1 litre is sufficient to disinfect a standard 12ft x 12ft loose box or stable.

Shelf life

ForBio tablets retain 100% disinfectant effectiveness for:

• In the sealed packet: up to 3 years
• In solution: up to 7 days

ForBio disinfectant is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.