How to use

To make the perfect bed for your horse

Place 4 to 5 bags of Extreme Volume Wood Shavings in a clean 12 x 12 Stable. (If you require large banks or the stable is on concrete you may want to add a few additional bags of bedding on the first setup).

To maintain the perfect bed for your horse.

  • When mucking out, where possible remove the horse from their stable.
  • Remove droppings with a shaving fork.
  • Shake the fork gently to loosen any clean shavings back onto the surface and avoid waste.
  • Loosen the surface of the bed with the shavings fork after mucking out.
  • Every two or three days, heap loosened surface shavings into banks at the sides, remove any compact areas of wet shavings and pull banks back into the main area of the bed..
  • Add fresh shavings to maintain optimum depth. Most customers report using 1 bag a week, depending on your horse’s ‘housekeeping habits’.